On November 5, 1605, a solitary figure is arrested in the cellars of Parliament House. Although he first gives his name as John Johnson, a startling series of events begins to unfold under torture. Guy Fawkes, as he is really called, is one of thirteen who have conspired to blow up the parliament, the King, and his Lords, thereby throwing the whole country into turmoil, out of which these traitors hoped to raise a new monarch who was sympathetic to their cause, and return England to its Catholic past.

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History of the Plot
An explanation of the events of the Gunpowder Treason, the controversies, theories, and mystery's that remain today.
Character Profiles
Detailed biographies on the conspirators, government agents, and key figures associated with the Plot.
Places in Time
Buildings and locations of significance in the history of the Gunpowder Treason.
Further Reading
A comprehensive bibliogrpahy of works on the Plot, plus associated magazine articles and references.
Historical Background
A historical summary from Henry VIII, highlighting events that contributed to the occurrence of the Plot.
Gunpowder Plot Articles
An archive of articles written by the GPS or reproduced here by permission, on the Gunpowder Plot or contemporary subjects.
Current Research
Threads of research being undertaken by the GPS and its associates, and a summary of the projects we are involved in.
Latest News
The latest news on what is happening with regard to the Plot in research, film and television and news in general.
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