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Articles on the Gunpowder Plot

This section provides access to a series of articles written by members of the Gunpowder Plot Society as well as articles reproduced by permission relevant to the period. The information available here will provide much greater background detail on the Gunpowder Plot, those involved, and events that bear significance to November 5th, 1605.

 "The Marriage of Guy Fawkes", written by David Herber, offers some interesting insight into Guy's early life, and provides more biographic detail, as well as speculation into other areas of his life.

 "Guy Fawkes: From York to the Battlefields of Flanders", written by David Herber. A sequel to the question of marriage, this time lending a focus to Guy Fawkes the Soldier.

 "The Descendants of John Wright - Some were Gunpowder Plotters", Dan Wright, a descendent of the older half-brother of John and Christopher Wright of Plowland, and perhaps the only living person who can rightfully claim blood kinship to the family of a plotter, has written an article on the Wright's of Holderness with David Herber.

 Samhaim and the Gunpowder Plot

 Macbeth and the Gunpowder Plot

 1607 Virginia and the Gunpowder Plot aftermath

 Francis Tresham - An incident in 1591. This provides an interesting insight into the character of Tresham and involves the attempted collection of a debt.

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