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Current Research

The history of the Gunpowder Plot is a far more detailed and intricate web of intrigue than what we read in traditional history books. The personal relationships and possible conspiracies that existed at this time offer up dozens of potential storylines and avenues of research, many of which the Gunpowder Plot Society is heavily involved in investigating.

Included in this section are links to some of our own research threads, as well as small pieces on some of the on-going projects we as a Society are involved in. Many threads are nothing more than a series of rough connections, some are questions with possible answers, and some are more rounded pieces, all of which add more detail to 5th November 1605. Please feel free to comment in the Forum and if you want your own research link included here, please contact us.

 Francis Sabie - Dedication to Francis Tresham - Minor poet Francis Sabie penned 3 works, the second of which he dedicated to Tresham. These works some claim were an inspiration for Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.

 Matthew Brunninge - Merchant or Miscreant - Francis Edwards SJ has claimed that a man known as Matthew Brunninge is none other than Francis Tresham, an alias used by the conspirator to enable his disappearance in Europe.

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