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Welcome to the Gunpowder Plot Society Archives. The categorized list of documents below provides the most comprehensive collection of plot related primary and secondary source material currently available online. Included amongst this collection are Confessions, Letters and Correspondence, Public Record Office documents, and miscellaneous items that provide additional information on the event, or the lives of those involved.

A great many of the hundreds of documents available have been transcribed/translated by the GPS themselves and in time more will be added. The GPS is always willing to appraise and determine the authenticity of any document or source material that is connected to the plot or the conspirators.

Primary Sources

[1] - Examinations, Confessions and Declarations of the conspirators

[4] - Letters of the conspirators

[2] - Letters, Acts and Proclamations of Elizabeth I

[3] - Letters, Acts and Proclamations of James VI/I

[5] - Miscellaneous Correspondence

Secondary Sources

[1] - Articles, Essays, and Academic Works

In time we also hope to be able to provide a great many other documents, both primary and secondary, that relate to those who were connected in some way to the plot. These include Wills, records of Land Transfer, Financial Accounts, Births, Deaths and Marriage entries and other Parish Records.

The Archives sections also provides a collection of photographs, taken by members of the GPS, as well as a full news and GPS article archive.

Tertiary & GPS Sources

[1] - Photographic Image Collection


All material copyrightę The Gunpowder Plot Society