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Character Profiles

The influence and effects of the Gunpowder Plot went much further than the involvement of a few key members of the landed gentry. Some of the greatest names in English history were caught within its orbit including such luminaries as Sir Walter Raleigh and the playwright John Donne. While Donne was questioned over his social meetings with Catesby and several other former members of the Essex Rebellion, Raleigh was related to many of the plotters through his marriage to Bess Throckmorton.

Despite what everyday folk witnessed, and how the majority lived, England was in religious turmoil and had been for several decades. Hatred and insurrection had been brewing for many many years, some manufactured by the Government's paranoia, some legitimately fueled by persecution.

This section categorises the various groups of characters and provides biographies on them.

[1] The Plotters - Comprises the 13 core conspirators, their allies, confederates, and enemies of the State (including their supporters overseas). This also includes a comprehensive list of all those who were arrested or interrogated in the aftermath of the plot.

[2] The Jesuits - Members of the Society of Jesus, Priests and the Clergy. Pronounced outlaws and criminals in the reign of Elizabeth I, the Jesuuit's were claimed by the Government of James I to be ultimately behind the plot.

[3] The Tainted - The members of the Gentry and Nobility who were tainted both justly and unjustly with the gunpowder treason.

[4] The Crown - Members of the Nobility, and the Government's political, social and religious circle.

[5] The Agents - Within the dark underworld of Elizabethan England are the spies and agents of the Government.

[6] Historical Figures - While not directly involved in the Gunpowder Plot, there are several key historical figures whose biographies help to provide a more detailed background as to why the plot occurred, and the nature and motivations behind those involved.

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Over the years, the GPS has become a popular site for genealogists. While we no longer maintain our genealogical database or do research on behalf of others, we still provide the original GEDCOM files for people to download.

[1] Catesby of Lapworth [6] Fawkes of Farnley
[2] Cecil [7] Percy
[3] Throckmorton of Coughton [8] Vaux of Harrowden
[4] Tresham [9] Wright
[5] Wynter / Wintour  
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